Orders view

All store orders collected from marketplaces and platforms. The orders view includes the order status from both store and manufacturing.

The F4NTEC system track orders from listing, sale, payment and manufacturing to fulfillment. Reporting can be adjusted to daily / weekly / monthly schedules.

Order routing

Order automated /manual routing

Order & Fulfilment management module is fully integrated to the Asset Management and Store Connector


Print production data

Print production view that printer may use to process orders generated by the F4NTEC platform.

The view includes all the master product data and assets that are related to manufacturing the product based on the supported production methods (DTG , Heat transfer, Screen printing).


Fulfillment management

Orders fulfillment management

Warehouse map – locations and sub-locations Barcode assignment for each location Station definition (Pick & Pack, Print, shipping, etc..) Employee/Team assignment for production and warehouse

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