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Blanks catalog
Batch or API upload

The F4NTEC platform is supporting multiple blanks catalog upload and presentation. Each catalog is assigned to customer account based on region, pricing, and service provider relevancy.

System users can use system blanks catalog or upload their own blank catalog (considered as asset).
The blanks catalog is added to the F4NTEC system using either batch or API upload.

Artwork catalog
Manual, batch or API upload

The F4NTEC platform allows artwork catalog upload with multiple methods: manual, batch upload and API.
Artwork assets upload include all relevant text fields such as Brand, Sub-brand, meta tags and bullet points for eCommerce.

Cloud storage

Assets storage – any type of asset that is uploaded or created by the F4NTEC platform. The storage infrastructure is provided by a 3rd party cloud provider (Azure)

Mockup creator

The F4NTEC system is supporting two primary methods to create mockups :

Auto mockup

A mockup creation application that automatically creates artwork + blank mockup based on a predefined user-controlled setup

Multi-panel studio

A graphic design web application that allows designing mockups with a variety of design effects and elements. The studio supports all system blanks from apparel to tiles and other 2D elements.

Trims & Stamps

The F4NTEC platform is allowing users to upload trims and license stamp assets to the system. The trims and stamps are used by the design studio and transferred as print assets to the print service provider.
Trims and Stamps are uploaded manually to the system.

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